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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of website and business you have, anything from regular blog writing to copywriting and product descriptions will fit your website. Dot Hacks makes sure you get top-tier quality across all the types of content your website needs.

Search engines and people now demand informative and data-driven content that satisfies their search intent from a single query. Writing services like Dot Hacks is a community of some of the best writers that are able to fulfill all the professional requirements your business has and make it more discoverable across search engines.

Different types of content have different goals. From a broader perspective, however, content writing helps you with reaching new customers, increasing your conversions, and driving organic traffic to your website. Even though you might already be producing content for your business, it’s important to have a roadmap with proper strategies to reach the desired audience with this content, something which we are proficient in at Dot Hacks.
Dot Hacks has a very automated process of working with its clients. As soon as you fill in your information after clicking on ‘Start my Project’, we get in contact with you and take all the project-related information from you. After all the information has been gathered, we assign the content work to our writers based on their experience in the field of the business you want them to produce content on.
As a part of gathering information for the content, we ask for details like the purpose of the content, your target audience, the word count you want, the deadline, keywords, references, and other resources to help us deliver the exact content you want.

The way Dot Hacks has writers working on your content, we also have editors who manually check the content, share the feedback with the writers, and ask for changes if required. This helps us verify that the client brief is met and only share those drafts with you that have been verified as top-quality articles.

Based on your requirement of the number of content pieces and their word count, the time taken also differentiates from one article to another. However, on average, we ideally take a week’s time to deliver the content you require.

We share the content with you only after the writer finishes their first draft. This helps the writer work at their own pace and have creative freedom. As soon as the writers finish the assignment, you can start viewing your content.

In a case where you want to get anything in the content changed, you can ask for rework and the writer will fulfill it.

For every article you receive from Dot Hacks, we send it with a proper excerpt and an acknowledgement that it’s completely yours to use. In case you want to credit the author as well, it’s completely your choice.

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