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Frequently Asked Questions

More than 90% of the online businesses globally have a social media presence. Social media practically allows your brand to gain more exposure, build an engaging community and create a group of loyal customers that interact with your brand frequently.

People now come across new businesses and brands more over social media than anywhere where. However, with the rising competition in this space as well, building an active social media strategy isn’t easy anymore. That’s where a professional social media marketing service like Dot Hacks swoops in and helps your brand get the exposure it deserves.

Social media allows your business to build customer loyalty. Not just that, but social media also increases your brand reach, introduces it to international markets and makes marketing easier for you.
At Dot Hacks, we come into a contract with your business where we mention the deliverables. These deliverables may include a specific number of posts/reels/videos/stories, depending on your preference and budget. After we review your request, we devise a roadmap for the next few months where we mention exactly how your social media could be improved. One of our executives also takes over your brand account and manages it for you. However, that step is completely dependent on the convenience of your business.
As a part of gathering information for the content, we ask for details like the purpose of the content, your target audience, and the type of content you want among other things to help us deliver the exact content you want.

The way Dot Hacks has marketers working on your social media, we also have editors who manually check and proofread the content and designs, share the feedback with the designers, and ask for changes if required. This helps us verify that the client brief is met and only share those drafts with you that have been verified as top-quality content pieces.

Based on your requirement of the number of content pieces and their quality, the account managing schedule and frequency also change. Your profile could start seeing changes and growth in the span of anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Every business is different. Every business also has a different personality. Our goal at Dot Hacks is to always resonate with your audience and choose design themes that match the vibe of your business. However, you can also choose custom designs to be made and our designers will take care of it.

We have a dedicated social media calendar that posts content on your behalf on a regular basis. You can easily access, view, edit and comment on this calendar before it’s posted. This allows complete transparency from our end.

For every piece and type of content you receive from Dot Hacks, we send it with a proper excerpt and an acknowledgement that it’s completely yours to use. In case you want to credit the designers as well, it’s completely your choice.